Paddock Paradise in Terre d’Illich [English version]

The paddock paradise is a place of life for horses. Its aim is to get closer of their natural way of life. Unlike the squared paddock, the paddock paradise has a track which helps foster the horses’s movement. It also has a positive effect on their health, in particular on their barefoot’s health. The central part of the paddock paradise is accessible just a few hours per week in accordance with the horses’s needs. Due to a lower attendance of this central part, it enables the growth of long grass which is better for horses’s health. This area is also a game and a more intense activities’s area because of its panoramic effect.

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We have began to structure an area of 6 hectares in 2 different parts for convenence towards the Equitude’s school: a paddock for ponies and another for horses. In the horses part we have imagined a circulation which enables the singles (the geldings) to join the herd (1 stallion and 3 mares).
The results we observed are very encouraging !

Le Monde selon les Chevaux
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